The rubric for this trail is located below. This rubric should be read before beginning the next section of the trail so that you know how you will evaluate yourself and how I will evaluate you. I would like you to fill out a rubric and do a self assessment because, as Black & Wiliam (1998) wrote,

"...self-assessment by pupils, far from being a luxury, is in fact an essential component of formative assessment (p. 143).

"Peer and self-assessment are key elements in formative assessment, because they involve students in thinking about the quality of their own and each
others’ work, rather than relying on their teachers as the sole source of evaluative judgment" (Andrade, Buff, Terry, Erano, & Paolino, 2009)

You have been given a luxury in this course that many do not receive, you know ahead of time how you will be evaluated and since we use a wiki, you can also see the work of others so that you get a better understanding of what to do. I do this so that you are not like Sally in the Peanuts comic strip below:

So, download the rubric, see how you will be evaluated, fill it out at the end of the trail and put it in your dropbox folder.

Summer version of the rubric -

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