Third Graders Who Believed Jupiter Was Made at the Same Time as the Sun
It is now time to practice the strategies that you provide so that your students can master a skill. You could link to just one web site that enables kids to practice a limited number of problems or you could link to multiple web sites that offer different ways to practice the skill and apply the strategy you shared with them. If you are interested in learning about differentiated instruction you can browse through Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson's and Dr. Jay McTighe's book called Integrating Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design 1

Your Task:

According to the rubric, you need to locate 5 web sites that can help them answer the question matched to the web sites. I would like you to only consider web sites that:
  1. are not cluttered like
  2. web sites that provide feedback are better than web sites where children do not know what they doing - like this -
  3. offer levels of challenge - like this -

N.B. if you did an ELA test, you might not find practice sites, so you can supplement this by adding 5 additional strategies to your assessment or links to 10 additional vocabulary words.

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1 - Tomlinson, C. A., & McTighe, J. (2006). Integrating differentiated instruction and understanding by design. ASCD.