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Multimodal Learning Environments
    • "What does multi-modal learning mean? In a nutshell it means that the more different ways you learn something the more you will really learn it! The more different ways you learn something, the more you will remember it! The more different ways you learn something, the more you will genuinely understand it!" (Lazear, 2008).

This is a definition from a web site that promotes products that utilize the theory of Multiple Intelligences (Gardner, 1985). I am including this definition because people have a tendency to search for a topic on the Internet, click on the first link in the search results and use the information found in that source without thinking if the information is valid or not. This is EXACTLY what I did when I search for multimodal learning environments.

Suffice it to say, you are not going to rely on the definition listed above because I am not sure Lazear has based his work on research he has conducted. He cites Dr. Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, but I have my doubts. Instead, you are to going read a research article by Dr. Roxana Moreno from the University of New Mexico and Dr. Richard Mayer from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In their paper, they propose a theory, the Cognitive-Affective Theory of Learning with Media (CATLM) that instructional designers (like teachers) can use to help them design, and in your case, evaluate multimodal learning environments.


1.) Read Dr. Moreno and Dr. Mayer's article entitled: "Interactive Multimodal Learning Environments
2.) Pay close attention to the following Three Big Ideas:
  • extraneous processing
  • the feedback principle
  • the Pacing Principle

3.) Use the discussion forum below the hiker and references and post:
  • a.) the most important idea you took from this article and why you chose that idea
  • b.) a personal connection to any idea from this article and to your life as a student
  • c.) an idea that connects to any lesson you participated in that leveraged technology
  • d.) when citing this article in your discussion board response (required for the rubric), use (Moreno & Mayer, 2007, p. ?) Only use a p. ? if you are directly quoting the authors.

4.) Use a rubric called What are multimodal learning environments to guide you discussion board post
  • a. it has been shared with you

hiker_cactus_navigation.pngNext up...Applying Moreno and Mayer's Research. In the next section of the trail, you will participate in three learning experiences and analyze your experience using concepts from the research you just read. You can do this by following the trail.


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