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Interactive Multimedia Learning Environment

  • Bruning, Schraw, & Ronning (1999) wrote, "Students who are aware of the strengths and limitations of their knowledge, strategies, affect and motivation, are better able to regulate their learning by planning and monitoring the cognitive processes needed for understanding" (as cited in Moreno & Mayer, 2007, p. 314).

  • "When teachers are reflective in their use of technology, they have greater opportunity to attend to the needs of individuals and small groups, and students to perceive getting more assistance from teachers in such instances" (Clements and Sarama, 2003, p. 27)

Trails (Modules)

There are 3 trails of learning in this assignment:

1.) Read some research that describes multmodal learning environments - in this section of the trail you will read a paper that describes multimodal learning environments and how they affect student learning. You will use the information in the article to reflect upon what you have read and connect ideas from your prior experience.

2.) Participate in a lesson that utilizes a multmodal learning environments - in this section of the trail you will create student products that demonstrate an understanding of concepts taught to you in multi-modal learning environments.

3.) Write an Argument about a Multimodal learning environment learning experience - in this section of the trail you will write an argument about the lesson your participated in above.

First, join this wiki

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hiker_cactus_navigation.pngNext up...What is multimodal learning? You can do this by following the trail.


Moreno, R., & Mayer, R. (2007). Interactive multimodal learning environments. Educational Psychology Review, 19(3), 309–326.

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