4.) Choose an Assessment

Third Graders Use Video Cameras to Record an Underground Railroad Presentation
Did Dr. Clements convince you that learning with the computer may be beneficial? If not, I have other research that might or you might be one of those people who believe "computer simulations or “content delivery” are poor substitutes for hands-on lesson" (Cordes & Miller, 2000, p.10)1 or that the use of technology in the classroom will disturb the student and teacher relationship (Cuban, 1993)2. Well, I am not going to pretend that there are not skeptics in the audience. However, I am also not going to try to convince you about the merits of technology. I would, however, like you to experience the building of a multi-modal experience for students and become better acquainted with the New York State testing system, resources that support learning and the Common Core Learning Standards.


1.) Choose an assessment from here: http://www.edinformatics.com/testing/ny.htm (you will need to scroll down to see the assessments). You do not need to choose math, you can choose ELA, Science or Social Studies too.

2.) Download the assessment and take the test - see how much YOU know.

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1 - Cordes, C., & Miller, E. (2000). Fool’s gold: A critical look at computers in childhood. Alliance for Childhood.
2 - Cuban, L. (1993). Computers meet classroom: Classroom wins. The Teachers College Record, 95(2), 185–210.