Teachers who think out of the box need to describe their intentions to administrators, parents and colleagues as often as they can. If you were to shop this multi-modal wikipage to a principal or a fellow teacher, you PROBABLY would need to write an introductory paragraph that supports your use of technology.

Your Task:
  1. Write an introductory paragraph which should be placed on the wikipage where you created your multi-modal assessment.
  2. Use Dr. Clement's and Freeman & Somerindykes' articles to support your use of technology
  3. Use the notes from at least one article from this wikipage - http://theresearchwiki.wikispaces.com/4.%29+Read+Some+Research - that adds a contrary view of technology

Use this New York State ELA rubric to assess your work.

2 points - The response is accurate, complete, and fulfills all the requirements of the task. Necessary support and/or examples are included, and the information given is clearly text-based. Any extensions beyond the text are relevant to the task.

1 point - The response includes some correct information, but may be too general or overly specific. Some of the support and/or examples may be incomplete or omitted.

0 points - The response is inaccurate, confused, and/or irrelevant, or the student failed to respond to the task.

Do not send this rubric to me, just use it as a guide.

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